Trapani – when heaven and earth fall in love. The beginnings of Trapani are shrouded by romantic legends and myths. One of them has it that the city owes its shape to Demeter, the Greek goddess. While searching for Persephone – her daughter – Demeter dropped her sickle, which transformed into a peninsula. Another legend has it that the sickle was dropped by Saturn, who was the patron god of the city. Even nowadays, one of the squares in the centre of the city, where a fountain depicting Saturn is located, is named after the Roman god. Yet another version of the story has it that the city was created from the love of heaven and earth.

Trapani is a mixture of cultures and styles. It is a place where nature intertwines with history. Places worth seeing: The Old City, the port, Torre di Ligny, via Vittorio Emanuele, via Garibaldi, Lungomare Dante Alighieri, the fish market, and many, many more. Also worth seeing is the Museo Pepoli with an incredible collection of showpieces made out of coral.

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3 July 2021


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